Shipping and Delivery

You can place an order from all of the countries, we ship worldwide.
Please note that, if you would like to place your order from a country other than Turkey, you have to use, as our Turkish website will not accept your payment.
All transactions will be in USD if you want to complete your order with credite card. If you would like to pay by direct deposit, you can pay in USD, Euro, or Turkish Lira. Please remember that, the price of the product you purchased written in USD, so if you want to pay with another currency, you have to convert the exact same amount, otherwise we will not accept your payment.
Orders are packed and shipped within 1-2 business days, Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays).
The delivery time depends on the destination of your package, but it usually takes 3-7 days.
The shipping cost is only $15. If you would like to have items sent to seperate addresses, you have to complete a seperate order for each addresses, as they will be charged for each orders.
If you have more questions about Shipping & Delivery, feel free to contact us ;